G-STAR SUMMER CAMP INFORMATIONsun-summer-camp-1519952957

CAMP HOURS: Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m.

EARLY DROP OFF: After 7:30 a.m. (In front of cafeteria)

LATE PICKUP: Until 5:30 p.m. (At our sound stage)

Each camp follows it’s own curriculum from 9 – 3 after which all remaining campers participate in group activities that range from improv acting to games and team building, open mic and much more.

Both breakfast and lunch are provided to school based summer programs by the Palm Beach County School District. If you wish to provide your own lunch, we have refrigerated storage available. Please inform our staff of any dietary allergies or issues on the first day of attendance. It will be included in our camper information form filled out on that day but verbal confirmation would be appreciated as well to insure a safe summer for our students.

While we do not have a rigid dress code, we ask that common sense be applied. Tanks, shorts, etc… are allowed but keep in mind that due to the nature of our programs, campers may be using ladders, bending and sitting so please keep that in mind. The only “no exceptions” rule pertaining to dress is NO OPEN TOED SHOES. This is a safety matter for all camps. Whether film, theater or X-Scream we deal in sometimes heavy objects – cameras, lighting, construction, etc… and protecting feet from an accidental drop is important. We also do not want to deal with inappropriate images or sayings on t-shirts.

We do our best to supply water at all times. The Florida summer heat can be uncomfortable to say the least. While students are primarily under air or out of the sun, there are times they may not be so staying hydrated is important. You can, if you wish, provide your camper with sports drinks or similar. Snacks are also permissible. Students are allowed to take breaks as needed.

We have learned through experience that students will often ask to leave campus to purchase snacks. In the past we had a method that would let them visit the small convenience store on the corner however, since the opening of Wawa across Congress, the temptation has increased. In light of this we now only allow Wawa trips in small groups of 6 or less and ONLY with an adult staff member using proper safety protocol – crosswalks, obeying signals and staying together. We will discuss this with parents prior to allowing any camper to do this. We strive to keep your student safe and stay within what each student’s parents deem allowable.

During the summer months we are often asked to participate in Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue training drills. We do not yet have a schedule but, if asked, we will attend. Parents will be notified if and when these activities are scheduled. We are also planning a few trips to a county water park and will let you know when once the dates have been secured.