Cell Phone Commercial Challenge

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¨ ONLY Cell Phone Commercial Challenge for middle and high school students anywhere!rules

¨ FREE event for any Middle or High School student in Palm Beach and surrounding counties. Pizza lunch provided.

¨ All you need is a cell phone!hsreg

Dates:  March 4th for Middle School students

March 11th for High School studentsmsreg

Time:  9am-3pm (Sign-in starts at 8:30am)

Place:  G-Star Studios 2030 S. Congress Ave., Palm Springs, FL 33406

How Does it Work?
Think of a product or service
Write a commercial
Design a set
Pick your actors
Shoot the commercial
Edit and submit the finished commercial
Enjoy a Red Carpet Gala and Awards Ceremony

PRESS RELEASE: Keiser University Cell Phone Commercial Challenge secures award winning judges! Click to read more!

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