Summer Assignments

From Dr. Leach Literacy Coach

Summer Reading!

All current and incoming G-Star Students are encouraged to take advantage of the time off from school to make use of their public library. Ideally, when looking for a book you will enjoy, it is best to read the first page (at least) before choosing it. That should tell you whether the style of writing and the subject will appeal to you. Also, take out a few books, both fiction and non-fiction. Ask the librarian or other teenagers for recommendations in the genres of movies you enjoy for a fiction selection. If you like a certain category of movie, you may enjoy that genre of book. Whatever your interests, film, animation, animals, ecology, fashion, etc., take out a non-fiction book to learn more about what interests your. Finally, because you are selecting your own reading material you are not obligated to finish a book if you don’t like it. Put it down if it is not compelling, and move on to another.
Happy Summer Reading!
Dr. Leach

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