Students and Faculty Make a Music Video to Honor Those Lost

Palm Springs, Florida (2/13/19) – Mr. Steven Netzel is a songwriter and musician who handles IT at G-Star School of the Arts. His son was a senior at Stoneman Douglas at the time of the shooting. In honor of lost peers and teachers, Netzel wrote the song 17 Angels and recorded his own vocals, guitar, and Mandolin. But for the anniversary of the shooting, he wanted to do something special. He got in touch with G-Star’s very own Glee Club and asked them to be featured singing in a music video for the song. On Saturday, January 19th, the Glee Club met up with Netzel, a small team of film students, and G-Star film teacher Mr. Larry Decarmine at Markee Music Studios in Deerfield Beach to shoot the music video and record new vocals. Netzel and the staff of Markee Music Studios were extremely impressed with the Glee Club and the film students.

“The receptionist at the recording studio was impressed and took some of the students through the halls and told them about the memorabilia on the walls and talked about the artists that have been there. They made a great impression of G-Star School to Markee Music Studios,” stated Netzel in an interview.


When asked about the experience, Netzel recalled a rather heartwarming moment: “For me, as the composer of the song, my most memorable moment would be when I was in the sound booth for the first time listening to the Glee Club sing the song and hearing the “vision” of the song come to life.”

The song is now available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. The music video can be found here:


“It was a pleasure working with the G Star Film Department and the Glee Club.  They were prompt and professional and I look forward to the finished product. The song can be found by searching for 17 Angels by the artist/band Miss Demeanor. Proceeds from the song 17 Angels go to Carmen Schentrup’s ALS Fund. My son and Carmen were classmates in AP Statistics Class,” Netzel said in his closing comments.