Production of The G-Star School of the Arts’ annual student film is underway. This years film, A Western Trip, was written by junior Vincent-Amadeus. The story centers on two students, Curtis and Alexandria, who threaten to disrupt the order of Warren G. High School. They try to keep out of the grasp of administration and prevent their identity from liquidating into a
muddled mess of cowboy and incoherence.

Pre-production on the film began in November when the above the line crew was hired. The students interviewed and submitted reels in their area of expertise. They were hired in the following roles:

Producer-Heidi Kafer
Director-Hector Carreon
Director of Photography-Joey Aliberto
Production Designer-Vincent-Amadeus
Editor-Meagan O’Mara
Behind the Scenes-Mari E. Gonzalez

The above the line interviewed students for each of their departments, and the crew totals over 40 students. The film was cast as follows:

Curtis-Bryan Lompre
Alexandria-Rosey Baker
Cherf-Shemar Williams
Geraldine-Natalia Swiatkowski
Marshall-James Anthony Davis
Ellie-Tharmella Nyahoza
Cashier-Kiara Olivencia
Person-Natalie Velez
Receptionist-Jane Murphy
Cowboy-George Colavecchio

Production will continue from February through April. The film will have its own premiere in late April. More information on the premiere to come.

About G-Star School of the Arts: G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts is one of the most innovative high schools in the nation. Our IB diploma students experience the unique immersion of arts and academics. G-Star students have worked on multi-million dollar feature films, commercials and music videos. We have up to 98% graduation rate with 97% of our students going on to college.

dolly and boom dolly and best boy and director Crew Photo camera on tripod boom