G-Star High School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts is a unique high school unlike any other. The number of celebrities and major companies our students work with just continues to grow each year.  Our students work hands-on with the stars on their productions in our G-Star Studios and Sound Stage One.  We’re always making new friends!


Famed rocker Roger Daltrey of The Who had rehearsals for a cruise ship tour in G-Star Studio’s world class Sound Stage One (see photos below) and is returning in April with Pete Townsend, The Who, and a 60-piece orchestra.  “Everyone is asking to be sneaked in to see them,” says Greg Hauptner, G-Star’s Founder (pictured above with Roger).  “Unfortunately, the sessions are closed.  Sorry.  Only 30 of our G-Star students will be allowed on set.”

  Hauptner continues, “We recently had Wimbledon Champion Serena Williams and Justin Thomas, the former number one ranked golfer in the world, in our G-Star Sound Stage for a national commercial for Apple, too.”

G-Star also had a multi-billion dollar company with 19,000 employees, the Marmon Holding Company ($7.7 billion), owned by Warren Buffet, come in and produce an industrial video featuring their new CEO.  He loved our students on set and couldn’t believe how professional they were.  Of course, G-Star produced its annual X-Scream Halloween Haunt that tripled the number of guests this year due to the efforts of our new marketing director, Chase Scott.  Chase set up G-Star’s involvement with the Salvation Army’s Gala event where our students built out The Breakers  Palm Beach entire center courtyard into Charles Dickens’ 1850s London (see photos below).  G-Star actors brought “A Christmas Carol” to life.  Krystian von Speidel, the Post Notables Society Editor, stated it was the “best he has seen in Palm Beach.”  Dreyfoos School of the Arts choir performed beautiful Christmas carols during the event.

Breakers Christmas CarolIMG_3397

State Representative David Silvers visited our school (see photo below) and spoke to the students about processes of the Florida House of Representatives.  He wrote a letter praising G-Star School of the Arts for having one of the highest graduation rates in the nation.


          G-Star Glee Club appeared in a music video titled “17 Angels” that was produced by G-Star film students in honor of the Stoneman Douglas school and released it on Valentine’s Day.

          In addition, G-Star Studios and School of the Arts welcomes a new college to our Studios, The College of Cinematic Arts Keiser University (CCA), where students take classes at the beautiful 100-acre Keiser University Flagship Campus and then perform practical hands-on film work at our Studios. We are very proud to be associated with a brand new college for film in Palm Beach County!

           Lastly, Academy Award Winner, Bobby Moresco, Co-writer/Producer of CRASH and Million Dollar Baby (on the left below), is coming in April to the College of Cinematic Arts and G-Star School of the Arts to do a seminar and supervise the production of a scene for a pilot TV series aimed for NetFlix with CCA and G-Star students.  This once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with an Academy Award Winner is open to prospective CCA and G-Star students.  Mr. Moresco and Mr. Hauptner are friends and produced a film together with Disney stars a number of years ago.

Bobby Moresco Oscar