Community Service

Click the link below to download a Community Service Form. Fill out and return signed copies to the front desk or Mr. Spilfogel.

Palm Beach County School District Community Service Guidelines
The following guidelines must be followed to participate in activities that are considered
acceptable for community service:
● Community service is defined as nonpaid volunteer work with a nonprofit agency.
● Students may begin accumulating service hours as early as the summer prior to entry of the 9th grade year.
● Service should benefit the community at large. Working solely for an individual will not be acceptable.
● Hours must be documented in writing, either on a common community service log
(generated by the School) or on letterhead from the organization being served.
● Students who do not have access to community service opportunities must be provided opportunities on the school campus. It is the student’s responsibility to alert the School Counseling Department that he/she is in need of school access to community service.
● Time spent organizing and collecting canned goods, clothing, or book drives for a community in need does qualify as community service.
● Service on behalf of a candidate for public office is acceptable.
● Parents cannot sign to verify their child’s participation in a community service activity.
● Community service hours are no longer accepted for donations to Palm Beach
Animal Care and Control or to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. You must now
spend time volunteering there to get credit for community service hours.
● Service performed on campus at nonprofit athletic or summer camps for no financial compensation will count as volunteer service      hours.
● Service rendered directly to a for profit institution or organization or as a precondition to employment will not count.
● Service for a student’s family or family business will not count.
● Participation in campus or competitive activities, such as athletics, plays, clubs, debate meets, etc. will not count.
● Babysitting or similar services performed for an individual family will not count.
Babysitting for services for school related activities will count.
● Community service hours completed for any church/religious organization must not be a part of the church/religious ceremony.

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