Q. What makes G-Star so different from the high school my child is zoned to attend next year?

G-Star is the largest Film, TV Production, and Acting high school in the nation; and the only high school in the world with its own motion picture studios where students work on multi-million dollar feature films as interns with the cast and crew. G-Star is unique in a number of ways that may appeal to certain students. First, there is a creative, small-school atmosphere with opportunities for students and faculty to work as a community of inquiry toward common goals. Second, the curriculum is infused with television and film production topics and projects. Students may be making documentaries in social studies class or instructional programs in science class. Conversely, students may be honing their writing skills by writing screenplays in their TV production classes. A lighting project for a TV show might entail some geometry, as students design lighting angles. Third, there are production companies working on campus in the Motion Picture Studios, thus providing qualified upperclassmen opportunities to pursue on-the-job training or internships in the film, television and recording industries.

Q. Is G-Star a public high school?

G-Star is a public charter high school approved by the State of Florida and sponsored by the School Board of Palm Beach County. G-Star has its own governing board and an executive director, who function in a similar capacity to the school board and superintendent, respectively. There is no charge to attend the school.

Q. Where is the school located?

G-Star School is located at 2030 S. Congress Avenue in Palm Springs, FL. It is three blocks south of Forest Hill Boulevard on the east side of the road (across the street from the YMCA). The School’s mailing address is ┬áS. Congress Avenue, Bldg. J, Palm Springs, FL 33406.

Q. The film, TV production, and Acting aspects of the school sound great, but what about academics?

G-Star offers International Baccalaureate World Programme, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and honors classes. As a public charter high school, G-Star offers academic courses required by the State of Florida for high school graduation: four credits of English, three credits of social studies, three credits of science, three credits of mathematics, one-half credit of life management skills, one-half credit of personal fitness, and one-half credit of physical education. As part of our college-preparatory program, foreign language is also offered. As the school grows and student needs arise, academic courses will be added to the course roster.

Q. What about sports?

G-Star students who wish to participate in high school sports may do so at their home school. All sports, plus cheerleading and marching band, are available.

Q. How many students are enrolled in the school?

The total enrollment in grades 9-12 equals 900 students.

Q. What are the admission requirements?

G-Star has guidelines only. Students of all levels are admitted. Applicants should have a 2.5 grade point average in core academic subjects (English, math, science, social studies), a score of at least 300 on the FCAT SSS or 60th percentile on the FCAT NRT, good conduct, good attendance, and students may provide optional positive recommendations from their English and mathematics instructors.

Q. Should I apply even if I don’t meet all of the requirements?

If you meet MOST of the requirements, you should go ahead and apply. Also, you have time during the third nine weeks of your eighth grade year to bring up your grades and improve your conduct and attendance.

Q. How do I get an application packet?

You can get an application packet by clicking here..

Q. Is transportation provided?
G-Star School contracts with the A&S Transportation Bus Company to provide transportation. That transportation takes the form of school buses, Tri-Rail, or Palm Tran bus. The same parameters that apply to magnet school and career academy transportation will apply. Bus schedules are listed on this website. Students attend from Jupiter to Boca Raton to Loxahatchee.