1. When do I apply to college?

Students need to apply for post-secondary education during the fall of senior year. Please note that every institution has their own deadlines and requirements and it is up to you to keep track of them. Students are highly encouraged to apply early to increase chances for admission.

2. What should I consider when choosing a college?

Cost- Can you and your family afford the tuition? Have you looked into scholarships and/or financial aid?

Majors and educational programs- Does the college have a program in what you wish to study? If undecided, does it have a variety of programs to choose from?

Admission policy- Do you meet the requirements that the college is looking for in a future student? Check the college’s website and speak to a representative from undergraduate admissions.

Size­- Do you prefer a college with a small or large student body?

Location- Do you want to stay close to home or move away? Keep in mind the environment and the cost to travel back and forth.

Athletics and extracurricular activities- Does the college have sports or organizations that are important to you? Community service organizations? Religious affiliations? Student organizations and activities?

Public versus private- Private schools tend to cost more than public schools.

Two year versus four year- What type of degree or certificate are you looking to earn? Ask the school if you can transfer a certain degree to continue your education.

If you have questions that are not addressed on the colleges’ website, it is encouraged that you speak to a representative in the office of undergraduate admissions.

3. How do I obtain a college application?

You may obtain an application by visiting a college’s website and look for the heading “admissions,” “undergraduate admissions,” or “freshmen admissions.” If you have trouble finding the application please see guidance or you can contact the college’s undergraduate admissions office. Majority of colleges require the application be completed on-line.

4. What do I need to take into consideration when filling out an application?

Read directions carefully. Answer what they are asking you in an accurate and clear manner. Send along any information requested by the college. If a transcript is required fill out a request form in the front office or with Mr. Hagler, the data processor.

Do not wait to apply until college entrance test scores are available. These will be sent directly to the college from the testing service as long as you indicate the college code number when you register for the test. If you do not request your scores be sent to colleges at the time you register for the test you will have to contact the testing company to request your scores be sent to the college.

Check with the college if they require letters of recommendation. If needed, please give the person writing the letter about two weeks before you need it and a resume.

5. What should I put in my resume?

Extracurricular activities, community service, honors and awards, interests and hobbies, summer experiences and/or internships and employment. Paint a picture that shows who you are and what have you done. The more information available to the person writing you a letter or recommendation, the better your letter may be. Make sure your information is detailed and easy to read.

6. What is a transcript and what does it include?

A transcript is a copy of your school record that includes courses taken, semester grades, level of classes, cumulative GPA, cumulative HPA, class rank, credits, standardized test scores and community service. Courses taken at previous schools will be listed on your transcript.

7. How do I request a transcript?

Fill out a transcript request form click here and fill out the form.

8. What is the Common Application?

The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students and member institutions by providing an admission application that students may submit to any of the 415 colleges that participate in the application. The college will let you know if they prefer The Common Application to apply. The application can be filled out on-line or on paper.

Why use it? Once completed online or in print, copies of the Application for Undergraduate Admission can be sent to any number of participating colleges. The same is true of the School Report, Midyear Report, Final Report and Teacher Evaluation forms.