If you require a transcript please go to www.parchment.com. You will create an account with them and then enter your request. Parchment should process your order within 48 hours.


Directions for creating an account:


You can sign up by going to Parchment.com and searching for G-Star School of the Arts. Once you find your school, fill in all the fields (name, date of birth, etc).

  • Check the box if you are a parent/guardian. You will then enter the student’s information.
  • Your password must be at least 7 characters long.
  • If you are not yet in college, you will get the option to share your information with colleges. If you opt-in, this means that parchment will make some of the information you provide to them available to a variety of academic institutions and programs, and then colleges can send you information about them.
  • After clicking Sign up, check your email for the verification code and then enter it into the screen you were just on. Now you can start ordering transcripts.
  • Note: Palm Beach State College does not receive parchment.com transcripts. If you are needing transcripts for Palm Beach State College please email info@gstarschool.org