“The Number One High School for Film in the World”

Raindance Film Festival, London

A Welcome From Our Founder

From the Founder, Greg Hauptner

G-Star High School of the Arts

Welcome to the magical world of G-Star!  Perhaps it sounds a bit ostentatious, but so many wonderful things go on each year at G-Star it is hard to not use the word “magical.”  What other high school has one of the greatest rock bands in history, The Who with Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey plus a 60-piece orchestra, play a private concert over two days with an audience comprised solely of 125 of our G-Star students while it is broadcast world-wide on Sirius XM?  Magical! – and a once-in-a-lifetime experience open only to G-Star students!

And more magic!: G-Star has partnered with one of the top talent agencies in Paris, France, Agence Celine (The Celine Agency – www.agence-celine.com/fr) , to exclusively retain our students from our high school (and our college – more about that in a moment) as talent to fly to Paris with a parent and be paid to be in major TV commercials and magazine print ads.  These ads are shown all over Europe and the USA.  The Celine Agency is also bringing major production companies from Paris to produce commercials and print ads on our G-Star Studios’ back lot.  It is no wonder G-Star was named “Best High Schools for the Arts in America” as well as “Best College Prep High Schools in America” by 2019 Best Schools – Niche.com!   Of course, those accolades join “Best High Schools in America” – US News & World Report, “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” – Washington Post, and “The Number One High School for Film in the World” – Raindance Film Festival, London, England.

Further magic appeared at G-Star this school year.  A G-Star graduate from the class of 2007 visited us.  Alex Hatfield is one of the top Visual Effects (VFX) experts in the film industry who works on feature films such as Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Infinity Wars, Transformers, Game of Thrones, Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and many more.  He just completed Avengers: Infinity Wars 2.  He created the first motion picture studios in the Cloud.  He credits G-Star for his start in the VFX and coding world and he wanted to give something back.  Here at G-Star, incorporating our own existing 3-D Animation Department outfitted with brand new powerful computers, he created the only VFX Pipeline educational department anywhere in the world (outside of training given by major VFX companies after you are hired).  The program will be rolled out in August 2019.  The applications of VFX go far beyond film.  The VFX Pipeline learned at G-Star has already become an integral part of Fortune 500 companies, also including SpaceX and NASA.  It is projected that there will be 1.1 million jobs opening up in this arena in 2019.  We were introduced to Falcon’s Creative Group (www.falconscreativegroup.com) in Orlando.  They are the top creators of theme parks and rides in the world.  They are enthusiastic about G-Star and have offered to lend support to our new VFX Pipeline and create an on-going relationship.

Do you know that G-Star owns its own commercial motion picture studios?  The G-Star Studios (www.gstarstudios.com) is the largest movie studios south of Orlando with 110,000 sq. ft. under roof in its motion picture complex.  Famous stars appear and major feature films, commercials, and music videos are produced at our Studios (see “Celebrities Visiting G-Star”).  Many of our students work on the sets as interns with cast & crew receiving real-world, hands-on experience.  Our Sound Stage One has been named as “One of the Top 7 Sound Stages in the World” by Studios Systems News.  Recent productions at the Studios included NIKE, Apple (yes, that Apple), Bad Bunny (Puerto Rican Latin Trap singing sensation – 15 million followers on Twitter), Under Armour, Puegeot autos (France), Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, Joe Namath, Dream Factory (5-part mini-series produced by Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Kimber), Latin singers Prince Royce and Maluma, Serena Williams, Justin Thomas (golf), and Marmon (multi-billion dollar company owned by Warren Buffett).

This school year G-Star students built a massive set from the 1850s London for the Salvation Army Gala at The Breakers in Palm Beach that raised $1.5 million for the charity in one evening.  Our students performed as Charles Dickens’ characters in the program.  In addition, G-Star students built out and acted in approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of ancient Egypt haunted sets for the school’s annual X-Scream Halloween event.  Attendance at the event almost tripled over all previous years.  Over 200 G-Star students worked with the FBI, Homeland Security, SWAT teams, TSA, and first responders as the victims in 15 emergency drills.  Our Drama Department won top awards and scholarships at the State Thespian Competition in Tampa; and our Film Department held their G-Shorts Film Festival featuring some of the school’s best work ever.

The magic doesn’t stop there.  G-Star’s graduation rate once again was among the highest in the nation at 97.3% with almost 100% of its graduates going on to college.  Our International Baccalaureate World School program grew to 25% of our student population; and 47% of our students had over a 3.0 GPA including two students with perfect 6.0 GPAs.  Here’s another bit of magic: Our seniors agree in their four years attending G-Star they haven’t seen bullying or one single fight.  Student safety and security is our number one goal.  This year new fences are in place, security guards, and a single entry access point.  G-Star has partnered with a major security company who is developing facial recognition cameras and hugely expanding our security camera coverage for our school with features such as sound recognition and electronically activated emergency exit directions away from any dangerous sounds.   G-Star is working with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department on a new Anti-bullying App; and ABC Channel 25 gave G-Star the first and only “A” rating to a high school in PBC for Safety and Security.

One other extraordinary piece of magic happened this school year when G-Star Studios and School of the Arts partnered with Keiser University to open the College of Cinematic Arts Keiser University in our Studios on our campus and on their Flagship Campus 10 minutes away at Okeechobee Blvd. and Military Trail in West Palm Beach.  Keiser University has 20,000 students on 21 campuses throughout Florida and a campus in Shanghai, China.  They provide the second largest degreed nursing graduates in the nation; and are the safest college campus in Palm Beach County.  The College of Cinematic Arts has a 4-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and also a 2-year Associates of Arts Degree in Film, plus a certificate program in film.  Studies in film pre-production, production, and post-production also include our new Nuke Studio VFX Pipeline and 3-D Animation which will also be the only VFX pipeline program in any university.  Major companies are excited to find an excellent source for hiring qualified VFX/Coding/3-D Animation college graduates here at G-Star.  They have marveled that we are training students from 14-year old 9th graders to college graduates ready to work in their companies with starting salaries averaging $100,000 per year.  Now that is Magic!

Greg Hauptner

Founder/CEO/Executive Producer – Finance, Studios, Marketing

Our Vision

A central component of G-Star’s Vision is to create an on-going and self-sustaining feature-film industry in Palm Beach County and South Florida. In this way our students will go on to graduate from college and return to be employed in a film industry we have created. They will be the future writers, directors, producers, actors, editors, and crew for that industry. We are the only educational entity that we know of that is developing an entire industry with the purpose of employing our students after they graduate from college.

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