Why We Do Not Believe in Auditions

Why We Do Not Believe In Auditions To Enter G-Star

There are several distinctions between G-Star and traditional arts schools.  Most arts schools have auditions for entry into their school.  Once a student auditions and is accepted into an arts school program they must stay in that program (also known as a possible “career track) for all four years they are in high school.  If they wish to change to a different track they must audition again for that track.  If they fail the audition or there is no space available they have to stay in their present track or may have to leave the school.

At G-Star, we believe in assisting students to find their passion and then helping them develop it to their highest level.  We create talent.  We believe that giving a 13-year old eighth grader the ability to change their interests into other subjects expands their imagination and adds to the excitement of creating a new field for them in the arts and in their lives.  For example, a student may enter 9th grade wanting to be an actor.  By 10th or 11th grade they may change their mind and desire to be an editor or an animator or director or producer.  In a traditional arts school that would not be allowed.  No matter what grade they are in at G-Star, we encourage our students to try all of the arts programs we offer and then choose the track they wish to follow.  Some students switch focus two or three times.  We believe this enhances the creative process, increases self-determination and allows our students to discover and follow their dreams.

At most other arts schools, 9th graders are not allowed on stage until the 10th grade.  At G-Star, all students in grades 9 through 12 can audition for in-school film and theater productions – and do attain major or leading parts in those productions. Regardless of grade, our arts students work together as crew on productions in and out of school.  Many in-school productions require mandatory inclusion of 9-12 graders to be on the same crew so they learn how to depend on one another and foster comradery between upper and lower classmen.

Another distinction between G-Star and traditional arts schools is we want our students working in the entertainment industries while they are in high school.  Most arts schools do not.  We own and operate the largest movie studio in South Florida for that very reason.  We bring in multi-million dollar films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries solely for the real-world, hands-on professional educational value given to our students by working side-by-side with the cast & crews on the sets during the productions.  This does not occur in any other high school.  Many of our students graduate with several major productions, including multi-million dollar productions with famous name stars, in their portfolios and a professional education in the film and entertainment industries far superior to other arts high schools, colleges, and universities.

Lastly, most arts schools do not allow their students to take time off to go out and work in the film and entertainment industries.  Our students, while still in high school, work on professional productions of all kinds including traveling to Los Angeles for TV pilot season, working on feature films locally and out of state, attend film festivals where their work has been entered, and much more.  Just recently we have had three of our students starring in an episodic TV series with Burt Reynolds, a student win the National Scholastics World Art contest and finish first over 320,000 submissions.  His work was exhibited in a one-man show in Carnegie Hall.  Our students won a world title in robotics, our students worked on set with Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) and Counting Crows, a student starred in a feature film about Walt Disney, two students were featured in a new Ricky Martin music video, a 16-year old student became a choreographer for the Miami Heat cheerleaders, a student worked with the New York Philharmonic at NYU scoring music for feature films, a student who won a prestigious international voice contest appeared singing solo at Carnegie Hall (our third soloist to appear there), and two students showing their feature films in film festivals in New York City.  And one of our alumni became Beyonce’s choreographer, and another became Mariah Cary’s cinematographer and just completed a world tour with her.  G-Star worked with all of them to successfully complete their work and keep up their grades.  If your student is seriously considering following their dreams to work in the film and entertainment industries, G-Star is the school for them.

Greg Hauptner

Please note: IB requirements differ.  Please refer to IB guidelines for further information.