X-Scream Halloween


Do you have what it takes? Over the past 14 years X-Scream Halloween and the X-Scream Team have grown into a diversified G-Star Department all its own. In addition to building the third largest Haunted House in Florida (behind Universal and Busch Gardens), the X-Scream Team has taken on projects ranging from music to mayhem.┬áRecent years have seen the team producing a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Play (written and performed by the team), flash mob performances, dance performances (yes, we have a dance team), countless disaster drills with members of Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Homeland, FBI and more! Our crew also decorated the Palm Beach Zoo for Christmas and produced two Public Service Videos for Palm Beach County School Board and Planned Parenthood. With the addition of the X-Scream Video Production Team, 2017-18 saw dozens of film projects added to our resume. Many more “non-haunted” events and appearances are on tap for the coming year.

So… DO you have what it takes? Join us! (visit the X-Scream Halloween website)

X-Scream Team

G-Star’s X-Scream Team, since its creation in 2005, has evolved over the years into an entity unto itself. Current activities and projects include our well known X-Scream Halloween Event along with participation in disaster drills partnering our make up department and students with members of Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and the F.B.I. Additionally, the students have written and produced dinner theater and video projects and helped design the Christmas and Chinese New Year events at the Palm Beach Zoo – all in the last school year!